Easy Tuna Salad

I have never been the biggest fan of sandwiches in my pre-gluten free days except for warm sandwiches like the Tuna Melt, or the simple tuna baguette sandwiches that you find in France. Here is a Paleo version of a tuna salad, which is very easy and tasty. I like to enjoy this with a side of raw, crunchy vegetables, stir fry, or on top of mixed greens. On a cheat day, I will make it with Bread SRSLY's amazing gluten-free sourdough. The following recipe is AIP with the addition of other options/substitutes.

Mise en Place / Easy Tuna Salad  ©  Chef Jöne Pan

Mise en Place / Easy Tuna Salad © Chef Jöne Pan

Serves: 2-4

2 cans of wild, sustainable tuna, drained well (water or olive oil works)
1 branch celery, small dice
1 small apple, diced
1/4 onion, small dice

*3-4 TB coconut cream 
2-3 TB apple cider vinegar
Salt & pepper to taste

*optional (Paleo, but NOT AIP): Use real mayonnaise made with olive oil and pastured egg yolk OR Primal Kitchen Mayo. Add 1/2 tsp curry powder and a dash of cayenne for a bit of an extra oomph.

Mixed greens, or raw veggies or your own choosing

1) Wash and prep celery, onion, and apple. Drain tuna. Add everything into a bowl.
2) When opening a can of coconut cream, scoop out the cream with a spoon. You can drain the liquid and use it for another recipe.
3) Add the rest of the ingredients into the bowl. Mix well. Season to taste.
4) Serve atop mixed greens, or raw veggies of your own choosing. 

Bon Appétit !

Easy Tuna Salad  ©  Chef Jöne Pan

Easy Tuna Salad © Chef Jöne Pan