Jöne's Green Juice

I typically don't drink a ton of juice because of the sugars from fruit, but when I do, I LOVE green juices! Here is a pretty simple, balanced, green juice that is slightly sweetened with apples which are low glycemic.

(Since juicing can get cumbersome at times, check out my recipe collaboration with Über Fresh. You can taste a ton of interesting and delicious juice combinations!)

Serves: 2-3

1 Lemon
5 celery branches
2 cucumbers
14 oz romaine
10 oz spinach
3 fuji apples
8 oz kale

1) Wash all ingredients well.
2) Add all ingredients in a juicer. 
3) Drink and enjoy!

Jöne's Green Juice  ©  Chef Jöne Pan

Jöne's Green Juice © Chef Jöne Pan